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China’s hotel industry has experienced ….

China’s hotel industry has experienced meteoric growth, resulting in a $44 billion business with 2.5 million hotel rooms. Some analysts suggest the market is reaching peaking point, but compared with hotel penetration rates in mature markets- China only has 4 rooms per capita. Over the next 10 years, it is thought that hospitality in China will become a $100 billion industry with 6.3 million rooms and reach 8 rooms per 1000 capita. China’s hospitality market will be among the most important, if not the most important, markets for global hotel operators.

Active international brands include IHG 710.290 rooms, Hilton 708.260 rooms, Marriott   701.890 rooms, Wyndham 660.820 rooms, Choice 504.800 rooms , Accor 482.920 rooms, Starwood 346.590 rooms which will open nearly 21 new hotels in mainland China in next three years, Best western 302.140 rooms. The four first Chinese hotel operators are: Home inns with 296.070 rooms, Jin Jiang with 241.900 , Huazhu with 209.950 and Plateno with 190.000

The number of upscale hotels in China has kept growing in recent years with 5-star and 4-star hotels reached 658 and 2,214 by the end of Season.

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