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Yamaha VMax Upholstered By Hermes,

Yamaha VMax Upholstered In Leather By Hermes

It was the Virago motorcycle that first brought together the two houses fifteen years ago.  Now, in 2010, they continue their beautiful collaboration  by showing a VMAX combining the latest technological advances developed by Yamaha and the know-how of the Hermès craftsmen.

From this partnership comes a  “luxury entity” combining mechanics and luxury leather, to fulfill the dreams of Parisian’s VIP enthusiasts of motorcycles  because, they can no longer drive their cars  in Paris , since cars are almost banned from the City !

Hermès chose to upholster the non-mechanical parts of the VMAX entirely in Skipper buffalo leather. The seat, tank, stem, headlight cover, grips, fenders and silencers are all leather covered. The tool pouch, housed under the seat, is also specially designed for this motorcycle. Skipper buffalo skin, a naturally waterproof, easy-care, mat leather, is perfect for outdoor use and adds to the VMAX’s athletic personality. Leather upholster reinforces the sculptural lines of this unique object and underlines its emotional power. The mechanical pieces are also worked to complement the combination of leather and aluminum.



La Yamaha Vmax habillée cet hiver par Hermés .

Les deux maisons  Hermès et Yamaha, avaient déjà collaboré  sur la Virago, il y a déjà quinze ans.

Cette année, les deux maisons nous ont préparée un bijou, la Vmax qui combine toutes les dernières technologies mises au point par Yamaha, avec l’habillage luxueux  en peau de buffle travaillée pr les artisans de chez Hermès.

Cette Yamaha Vmax luxueuse, s’adresse aux VIP Parisiens fortunés, qui ont de plus en plus de difficultés à conduire leur voiture dans Paris, à cause des embouteillages,  mais surtout à cause de l’atmosphère anti auto dans Paris , depuis deux ans.

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